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Ron Colby

colbyRonald Colby began his career in New York City as a playwright, actor and director. His experiences ran the gamut from small theaters to Broadway. Early on, Francis Ford Coppola enlisted Ron for his fledgling company, American Zoetrope. He served variously as Vice President, executive or producer on Zoetrope productions, THE RAIN PEOPLE, THE GODFATHER PART II, HAMMET, THE OUTSIDERS, among others. Interspersed, Ron wrote screenplays for independents, Universal Studios, and his screenplay adaptation of Golf in the Kingdom caught the attention of Warner Brothers and Clint Eastwood who purchased the project. He was executive producer on the popular John Hughes films, SHE'S HAVING A BABY and SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL. Always trying to associate with projects of quality, Ron produced four films for Mobil Masterpiece Theatre's, "American Collection." The final film in the series, ALMOST A WOMAN, won a Peabody Award as well as two Imagen Awards.

It became apparent in order to maximize potential; he should start his own company. He conceived Artists Confederacy with the idea of making feature films and documentaries that were of readily perceivable depth and quality regardless of budget. To begin, he wrote, produced and directed three feature length documentaries and produced a fourth. His most ambitious documentary, "Pirate for the Sea" chronicles the life of ocean environmental activist, Paul Watson. It premiered to great acclaim at The Telluride Film Festival and went on to win awards around the planet and air on television. He has two more docs "in the can," and to actualize the feature motion picture arm of the company, he has recently completed two screenplays which are currently gathering support.