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By Us
The Sustainable Documentary

None of us are immune from US economic woes. We feel helpless as crucial problems disintegrate repeatedly into useless partisan games. Constantly buffeted by endless political rationale, nonstop unemployment and a flood of businesses disappearing overseas, Artists Confederacy decided to put cameras to work and take audiences on an economic road trip across the US.

SRRemember Margaret Mead's saying? "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world…" "By Us," is out to reveal just that, right here in the world of the United States. Meet the US businesses large and small that believe in the power of local and those manufacturers amongst them that have chosen to make their products only in the United States. "No Outsourcing," is their mantra. From "mom and pop" operations to multi million dollar businesses, these companies show we can support our communities, we can put ourselves to work and we can create a vibrant economy, locally and nationally.

eddy's"By Us" makes the audience a part of these families. We suddenly "get" what drives them, why they wake-up each morning and go. Their decisions, consequences, fears and even temporary set backs give us all a needed adrenaline rush. These dogged entrepreneurs make us realize we are the solutions to our own problems.

lionWith greater and greater frequency, emails circulate, websites are created and an adventurous journalist writes a story about a daring company that is determined to remain in the US, determined to boost the economy and support the community where they "live." By Us is becoming a movement, small for the moment, but growing.

Social action takes all shapes and these companies are at the core of new economies as people begin to realize the positive potential and personal ramifications of supporting these gutsy individuals and their products.

"By Us, The Sustainable Documentary" is being developed simultaneously as both a feature film and television series as Artists Confederacy quickly realized there were far more companies than would fit into 90 minutes.
Please join the "By Us," road trip!