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With the exception of the popular TV series, "Sons of Anarchy," it has been a long time since a conventional motorcycle film has been made. We believe "Rider in the Wind" is that quintessential movie.

Film genres are cyclical, and for good reason. People tire of them. After a few decades, the genre returns, reinvented for a new generation with an appreciation of the old. Beginning with Brando in THE WILD ONE, the motorcycle genre built throughout the sixties and seventies. Roger Corman and other filmmakers made much of the subject matter, culminating in the wildly successful, EASY RIDER. It's surprising that in the current day, no production company has put a quality interpretation of this genre into production. At AC, we have created an exciting, multiracial dramatic film, with all the elements encompassing good story telling and sporting an honest heart. Its time has come around, and RIDER IN THE WIND is here.