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dark spring

A Satirical Comedy Thriller
A nation must be careful what weapons it asks its scientists to create. They might be brilliantly successful.

The thing that makes certain science fiction drama so memorable is the reality of creditable threat. Films that rely on special effects to achieve the doomsday scenario of an approaching asteroid, solar flare, or alien invasion have to work much harder at the job than films that deal with threats closer to our everyday knowledge; existing nuclear and biological bombs for example. Available to them are the sophisticated but realistic devices of mass destruction, which paradoxically should never be used. But they will be, and in the hands of Warfat, used most effectively. We become involved with the chill and thrill of watching a character heading out of control. Warfat is a tremendous character with the attribute of being brilliant, and to his mind, perfectly logical. To our mounting terror, comes the realization that against all odds, Warfat is going to pull off his plan. Mature actors go to great lengths to secure a part like Warfat, allowing the actor to use their range to the fullest. Our hero, Sheridan, who is pursuing Warfat, will have to do some great performing himself to keep up.