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dark spring

From a True Story
It's a long way from UC Davis to the winter wilderness of British Columbia, but to save wolves from being shot from helicopters, 3 coeds make the trip, parachute in, and win.

Critics, audiences, and filmmakers have noticed that young people support films that deal honestly with the environment. Also noteworthy, are audiences who are usually disappointed with films that pander to the perceived notion that young public desire only crude jokes, and social mayhem. With PROJECT WOLF, we have in our possession a true story that encompasses humor and dramatic action. Against all odds, three college girls, 19-20, gather what funds they can muster, take parachute and survival training and leap into winter wilderness to chase wolves away from meat set as a trap. The girls continue to pull off a real life series of successes culminating in the Canadian government initiating a law to protect wolves from aerial slaughter. We plan to find an actor of some recognition to play the young comedic leading man, and support him with three young actresses whom public and critics will have the delight of discovering for themselves; much the same way critics and film goers discovered the young actors in, THE OUTSIDERS.